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What is Core Web Vitals and how can you use it?

If you build or manage a web site or web application, then performance and user experience will be top priorities for you. Knowing which metrics to collect and which ones...

User Experience Monitoring (UXM) combines the benefits of Synthetic Transaction Monitoring (STM) and Real User Monitoring (RUM)

In Application Performance Management (APM), there are two main technologies used to measure end-user perspective performance: synthetic transaction monitoring (STM) and real user monitoring (RUM).

I spent a month working from home on 4G and it wasn’t good enough.

For many of you, working from home has recently become the new normal. As someone who has mostly worked from home over the past 15 years, lockdown has meant very...

Don’t forget performance. How not to redesign a website

We’ve all heard the expression that beauty is only skin deep—and believe it or not, this can be applied to website design. When a big brand unveils a flashy new...

Google Lighthouse score, could this be the lowest you’ve ever seen?

We happened upon a website recently, following an unrelated Google search and, out of curiosity, decided to run a Rigor performance test against it, due to its tardy response. The...

DIY during lockdown? – Join the queue… maybe forever!

We are living in unprecedented times, doing unprecedented things, and living in an unprecedented way… Things that we took for granted, only a month ago, are now distant memories. We’re...

Why we moved our blog from WordPress to Jekyll

Last year we made the decision to move both our blogs ( and to a Jekyll generated static site. Static sites are in fashion right now because they are...

Video - How Rigor can be used to add a Performance Gate to your Jenkins CI Pipeline.

In this short demo we look at how Rigor can be used as a performance gate for your Jenkins CI pipeline. 

Adding performance and code quality gates to Jenkins CI

Recently we recorded a short video (2 mins 58s) to demonstrate how you can enhance your Continuous Integration (CI) pipeline by added additional gates to stop slow or erroneous code...

Are you ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2019?

This post may seem very early, but the upcoming Amazon Prime Day this week (15-16th July 2019) is a good reminder that as an e-commerce platform you really do need...

Try our new FREE Web Performance Report

Last week we launched a new free web performance report on our website. The report is generated using the optimisation engine from our partner Rigor who analyse your website against a database...

Building Faster Experiences with Continuous Performance

These days delivering a fast web application is not an option, it is an essential. Users expect fast response times otherwise the user experience is impaired and they will stop...

What is RUM, and how does it differ to Synthetics?

When you start researching and looking into web performance and monitoring, you are bound to come across several words and acronyms; EUM (End User Monitoring), Synthetic Monitoring, RUM (Real User...

Want a fast web site? Then you need to know what you are doing!

During my developer career, I have come across developers and teams who do not know or appreciate the importance of web performance, and quite often it can be treated as...

Reflections on last night's web performance dinner

Last night we held our second Rigor Web Performance Dinner, where we were joined by some great people from well known brand names, all at various stages of their web...

Domain Sharding – is it still relevant?

Continuing with our recent Rigor announcement, I was recently questioned over some advice I had given on domain sharding, and whether it was still relevant today.

Join Rigor and AP for a web performance industry dinner

After the success of our last industry dinner in November 2018, we are pleased to hold another at Gaucho (City) London. We look forward to you joining the informal discussion...

Rigor - more than just web performance monitoring

You may have seen our recent announcement, but if not, we’re pleased to reveal that we are now officially the sole UK representative of Rigor; we look forward to helping many more businesses enjoy...

Announcing our Partnership with Rigor

Rigor and Application Performance announce UK web performance monitoring and optimisation partnership. 

2018 - Looking back - and some new ideas for 2019

Before jumping into 2019, we would like to thank you for all we accomplished together during the last year! We are proud to be working with you, helping you get the most...

Does web performance really matter?

Have you ever wondered if web performance is important, and if so why? What if your website is slow, what does it mean to you and your business? And conversely,...

Webinar: 2018 Holiday Web Performance Trends & Lessons Learned

You may have seen our recent Are you ready for Black Friday 2018? blog and the follow up article Black Friday, the winners and losers and next steps. For any retailer...

Black Friday, the winners and losers and next steps

For the consumer, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are now fading in memory, the only remnants being a pile of cardboard packaging sticking out of the top of their recycling...

Are you ready for Black Friday 2018?

We’re now well into November, and the ‘Christmas’ word is getting bandied about in various adverts and social media outlets. 

Join industry experts for Dinner (London 8th Nov)

Join AP and other industry experts for Dinner (London 8th Nov) to discuss ‘How to deliver fast and reliable digital experiences for your end users’. Learn how other companies, like SpecSavers,...

Objective Measurement of End user Experiences using Ymonitor

Sadly, it is not uncommon for IT incidents to be spotted first by end-users rather than IT monitoring. Poor availability and slow performance of an application result in frustration among...

Alibaba hits a record $25.3bn and 1.48bn transactions for Singles Day

### You’ve heard of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but what about Singles Day?

Ymor - a company built on a unique application monitoring technology and a fully managed service

At AP we love partnering with innovative companies, and are really pleased to introduce you to Ymor, and their CEO, Martin van den Berge. Martin started Ymor back in 2003,...

Ymonitor - Synthetic monitoring for ANY application

AppDynamics does a great job of Synthetic Monitoring for public facing web sites with the ability to proactively ensure application performance and availability anytime from around the world.

Nexthink V6.8 has arrived

Nexthink V6.8 is with us now, and you are probably asking what it’s all about.

Nexthink V6.8 is coming

As a reminder, Nexthink V6.7 introduced the End-user Feedback module and Scores. These two components are critical to help better understand and improve what really matters to the business.

Gaining the upper hand in Office 365 migration

Gaining the Upper Hand on Your Office 365 Migration

Nexthink User Feedback

Combining user satisfaction scores with technical metrics for the complete picture of user-experience

New slant on you can't manage what you don't measure

Harness your environment using end-user data & analytics for superior insight

Why Service Desk calls are just the tip of the iceberg

IT Service Desks are inherently reactive rather than proactive in nature. A user calls in to log an issue which is then dealt with, but without really understanding how many other...

Why is Mobile Performance so Big?

There’s no doubt that mobile is gathering a huge amount of focus.

Using SaaS Services?

For large organisations, monitoring and managing cloud services such as SharePoint in the Cloud, Salesforce and other SaaS applications can be something of a challenge.

Announcing our Partnership with Nexthink

We are delighted to announce our partnership with Swiss end user analytics champion, Nexthink.