Gaining the upper hand in Office 365 migration

Gaining the upper hand in Office 365 migration

Gaining the Upper Hand on Your Office 365 Migration

Whether you are just thinking about moving your organisation’s productivity apps to the cloud, or you’ve already decided that Microsoft Office 365 is the way to go, having the right information at all stages of the project is essential to making the right decisions and accurately measuring your success.

Let’s face it, migrating to Office 365 can be an incredibly lengthy and complex undertaking!

Depending on what your organisation looks like and whether you plan to migrate your infrastructure, your apps, or both, data at all stages of the migration can be your best friend.

But is there a simple and reliable way to capture the required data and analyse it without adding mountains of overhead to the project? What if analytics was built in to every end-user device? What if key performance indicators (KPIs) were monitored, recorded and analysed without the need for lengthy loading and data preparation?

Endpoint and user IT analytics provides unique real-time insight to help reduce Office 365 project planning and implementation costs, proactively detect issues and ensure anticipated project benefits are realised.

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