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Webinar Recording - The Dark Side of Java Production Monitoring

Automated workflows are the new standard for delivering quality products in an agile environment. Enter Observability, a measure for how well the internal states of a system can be inferred...

Calling all Java Developers - Devoxx 2018 is here

Devoxx UK returns to London 9th – 11th May, 2018 , and will welcome brilliant speakers and attendees for the very best developer content and awesome experiences. This year AP will...

OverOps - The Ultimate Production Environment Debug Tool

Before joining Application Performance, the previous decade of my career was spent mainly delivering e-commerce platforms, especially within the online food delivery business. The majority of the platforms were completely customised...

4 Scary Stats Prove why Logs are not the Answer

In this article we explore 4 scary statistics which prove that logs are insufficient for troubleshooting application issues in production.

Avoid the Risks of Increasing your Release Frequency

Trying to speed up innovation? A growing number of organisations use automated processes to help them to innovate faster and release application enhancements more frequently.

New OverOps Feature – Timers

OverOps adds a new feature to time the response time of Java Methods, alert when they exceed their targets, and see the complete source-code and variable states responsible.