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So What Does SharePoint Learn from E-Commerce?

Like the delegates who attended Mick McGuinness’ webinar last week on ‘What Can SharePoint Learn from E-commerce’, I was intrigued by the ways in which common SharePoint issues are being...

Application Performance talks to AppDynamics

Listen to Russell Luke, Managing Director of Application Performance talk about how Application Performance and AppDynamics partner to monitor “one version of the truth” across all aspects of your applications.

A guide to solving Java application errors in production - part 1

AP is proud to sponsor “The complete guide to Solving Java Application Errors in Production” written by Alex Zhitnitsky at our friends OverOps. This blog is the first of a...

How to survive an ORACLE Licence audit

For those that were unable to attend the webinar here is the recording.

Gaining the upper hand in Office 365 migration

Gaining the Upper Hand on Your Office 365 Migration