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4 Scary Stats Prove why Logs are not the Answer

In this article we explore 4 scary statistics which prove that logs are insufficient for troubleshooting application issues in production.

Avoid the Risks of Increasing your Release Frequency

Trying to speed up innovation? A growing number of organisations use automated processes to help them to innovate faster and release application enhancements more frequently.

New OverOps Feature – Timers

OverOps adds a new feature to time the response time of Java Methods, alert when they exceed their targets, and see the complete source-code and variable states responsible.

Supercharging Splunk with OverOps

OverOps has the ability to integrate with Splunk via a link that will take you to a screen showing the exact code and variables that were used in production at...

AppDynamics 4.4 New Features

AppDynamics Winter ‘17 product release, also known as version 4.4 of their App iQ Platform, was launched recently. Many SaaS customers will have already been upgraded to this latest version,...

Objective Measurement of End user Experiences using Ymonitor

Sadly, it is not uncommon for IT incidents to be spotted first by end-users rather than IT monitoring. Poor availability and slow performance of an application result in frustration among...