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UK OUG webinar: Oracle edition survey results

UK OUG webinar: Oracle edition survey results

During our recent UK OUG webinar, on 14 May, entitled “Escaping the limitations of the Oracle performance tuning tools”, we ran a survey asking “In your organisation, what is the proportion of Oracle Enterprise Edition, when compared with Standard Edition?”. The results are reproduced above.

To be honest, the result surprised us. Our previous surveys had led us to believe that the majority of organisations use Standard Edition, roughly 80% as opposed to 20% for Enterprise. So time to eat humble pie and try to understand this result.

It may be a case of selection bias. It is likely that for the UK-target audience for the webinar, Enterprise Edition is more common than in other countries. It may also be the case that the audience attending such a webinar are more interested in tuning than is generally the case and, as we have found at some of our clients, they often want to squeeze the last drop of performance out of their mission-critical databases, which tend to be Enterprise Edition. We hope to find out.

During the talk, we highlighted the various tuning options available, as shown below.

It would be a natural extension to the survey to ask what percentage of Enterprise customers use the Diagnostic Pack and what percentage of those have the Tuning Packs as well, in other words have gone for the whole gamut. We will try to ask these two extra questions another time.

A recording of the webinar is available on the UK OUG YouTube channel and you can watch it here, if you missed it.

If you have any comments about our results, then why not talk to the team at Application Performance. Please just add a comment, or if you prefer, contact us here and we can get in touch.