Mick McGuinness
Mick McGuinness AP co-founder & DBmarlin Product Manager

Webinar on Database Tuning for Better Performance

Webinar on Database Tuning for Better Performance

On the 18 March Application Performance hosted a successful webinar by database expert Rafi Balbirsky from Performance Art, on database tuning for better performance.

In his presentation, Rafi proposed an alternative approach to database tuning that is applicable to all databases, regardless of vendor. His approach allows developers and DBAs to use a common, consistent approach. Its central tenet is that it is best to concentrate on object or schema tuning rather than on instance or individual statement tuning, and, in particular, look for the few, key tables within an application. All statements that access a particular table and the ways that they access it are examined together so that the impact of all changes can be assessed. Tools such as AppDynamics can be used to identify key business transactions and their associated tables.

“Being able to monitor and tune multiple databases from a single console has always been important to our clients. Rafi provides a methodology that fits right in with that concept, which was why we are pleased to team up with him,” comments Martin Pinner, Director at Application Performance. “We are always seeking to assist clients by providing a practical combination of consultancy and software solutions in order to deliver significantly improved results.”

Application Performance is working with Rafi Balbirsky’s company Performance Art to provide advice, training and practical solutions to database performance issues.

The slides from the talk can be found here