Mick McGuinness
Mick McGuinness AP co-founder & DBmarlin Product Manager

AppDynamics 3.9 - A Giant Leap in Application Performance

We’re impressed with the new version of AppDynamics’ comprehensive and smart Application Performance Management software which not only presents more features but does so with responsive and multi-layered custom dashboards.

Here is a list of the new and most exciting features:

  1. Flow Map 3.0: Visualisation has improved with Flow Map 3.0 which is fully HTML5. For larger customers with hundreds of tiers the flow maps can be auto arranged and are scalable to present information clearly, avoiding the messy spider’s web.
  2. Custom Dashboards: now have scalable, rather than fixed, resolutions. This means that one dashboard can work from mobile through to a hi-res screen. Custom dashboards can also now be created at both the tier and node level under the ‘my dashboards’ tab so you don’t have to jump around between screens when troubleshooting problems.
  3. Synthetic transactions: These run   from Amazon locations around the world using real browsers (Firefox, IE, Chrome) – no extra license needed.
  4. Big Data analytics:  A new Hadoop-powered metrics service that crunches massive volumes of time-series data to deliver key application and business metrics in real-time.
  5. Mobile EUEM: AppDynamics now has crash analytics to see the types of app crashes by device type, app version or OS version. Info Points have now made their way into mobile EUM enabling custom metrics such as attributing a cost to specific faults.
  6. Percentile metrics: Give customers the added ability to analyse metrics based on percentiles like 90%, 95% or 99% to get a better understanding of the distribution of metrics.
  7. Node.js: Is now supported in the main product
  8. C++: AppDynamics has released a Beta agent for C++. Use the AppDynamics SDK to instrument a C/C++ process where you have access to the source code. The SDK extends AppDynamics’ breadth of monitoring capabilities to all of those C/C++ programs.
  9. Enhancements to all collection agents: Now supports Java 8, .NET Async, CLR crash events, .NET memory tracing, PHP data collectors and more.
  10. Web EUEM: AppDynamics is first product to support Resource Timing API for full waterfalls in Browser Snapshots and is now available at customer premises, giving you privacy and control of your data.

All in all, the new AppDynamics 3.9 is a very comprehensive update and worthy of further review.

For further information or a demonstration, please contact us.