Java 9 First Impressions Webinar

Posted by Mick McGuinness on 25 September 2017


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Java 9 is here and it’s expected to revolutionize the way we think of and build large scale applications. 
In this 30-minute webinar, which will take place one week after the new release, we’ll go over our first impressions and answer the following questions:
  • Does Java 9 and Project Jigsaw live up to the hype? 
  • Which features are expected to be most useful? 
  • What are the implications for building highly scalable applications?

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Date27th September 2017
Time7pm UK
  • Niv Steingarten the Co-Founder and VP Engineering at OverOps
  • Alex Zhitnitsky is the Director of Developer Relations at OverOps


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