Mick McGuinness
Mick McGuinness AP co-founder & DBmarlin Product Manager

OverOps turbocharging JIRA

OverOps turbocharging JIRA

OverOps is a software reliability platform which can detect errors and exceptions in your code, and provide the source code and variable states which caused them. One of the really cool features we like is the tight, bi-directional integration with JIRA, the market-leading issue tracking product from Atlassian.

When a new event is detected such as an error or exception which hasn’t been seen before, or if the rate of errors goes above the ‘normal’ range, then OverOps can automatically create an issue for it in JIRA. This is done by adding an Alert for a particular View like below.

Or if you prefer you can also manually open an issue in JIRA with a single button click.

Once the JIRA issue is created it will contain a link back to OverOps to get the full details including source code, variable states, 250 lines of DEBUG logging leading up to the problem and full JVM stats.

Back inside OverOps the “Send to JIRA” button now changes to “View JIRA Issue” which links directly to the JIRA issue so you can update it once you have investigated it in OverOps.


See it in action

This short 1 minute video shows the integration in action in both directions from OverOps to JIRA and back again.

If you are using JIRA already to track software bugs and other issues, then adding OverOps software reliability to your software development workflow will really turbocharge the speed at which you can find and fix bugs in your application.

OverOps also integrates with other ticketing systems, CI/CD tools, Alerting, Reporting, Log analytics and APM tools.

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