InstartLogic announces SmartVision and InstantLoad for even faster performance


InstartLogic this month announced two industry-first software innovations that improve web application delivery performance up to 50%: SmartVision and InstantLoad.

SmartVision builds on their Image Streaming technology which allows partial image data to be sent first for quick initial display, followed by full image fidelity moments later. Previously it would be down to a customer to decide what percentage of image data to send up front. For example they could choose to send 60% initially and defer the remaining 40% until the initial page render completes. Now with SmartVision the system uses advanced computer vision algorithms to analyse the actual content of an image and determine intelligently how much of it must be initially streamed for a user to recognise the image on their device without perceiving a degradation in image quality.

InstantLoad takes advantage of the new storage technologies now exist in modern web browsers. Using the Instart Logic Nanovisor (Nanovisor.js) which is transparently added to the web application, it detects the capabilities of the browser and redirects critical elements of the application used early in the page rendering process, such as JavaScript and CSS, to the best storage and cache available on each device. This provides for faster repeat visit and multi-page view load performance with no changes to the web application.

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