Mick McGuinness
Mick McGuinness AP co-founder & DBmarlin Product Manager

AP Partner AppDynamics Scores Top in Gartner Report

AP Partner AppDynamics Scores Top in Gartner Report

AP partner AppDynamics has scored top in Gartner’s recent report into Application Performance Management (APM). Ranked against its competitors, AppDynamics garnered the highest scores in all categories which included:

  • Application Support
  • Application Development
  • Vendors’ Product Scores for IT Operations Use Cases
  • Vendors’ Product Scores for the Application Owner of LOB Use Case
  • Vendors’ Product Scores for the DevOps Release Use Case

Gartner has described AppDynamics as providing “a broad, well-integrated APM suite, with functionality that includes on-premises and SaaS-based support. Client inquiries confirm that the suite is among the easiest to use. This is due, in no small part, to its consistent and intuitive user interface (UI)”. The report emphasises the success of AppDynamics’ flow map visualisation and the summary panel snapshot feature. Gartner also liked the collaborative ‘war room’ function that allows end users to work together to annotate actions and solve problems that may arise.

The report also describes the online documentation for the product as “excellent”. The full report can be read here.

We are proud to continue our relationship with AppDynamics which has existed for a number of years at a very collaborative level. For further information about AppDynamics’ APM suite, please contact us.