Mick McGuinness
Mick McGuinness AP co-founder & DBmarlin Product Manager

Webinar: SharePoint Best Practice and the Cloud – Video and Slides Available Now

The SharePoint community tuned in on 4th December to hear industry experts Simon Hudson and Mick McGuinness explain how this important Microsoft® application can be successfully managed in the Cloud.

Founder and Director of market-leading company Cloud2, Simon took delegates through the advantages of this new way of working and the benefits of migrating SharePoint to the Cloud. He explained how old ways need to be overturned as worker expectations increase and they become more mobile. Simon also analysed risk around Cloud migration, explaining the difference between perceived and actual risk in making the transition.

Great content selection and prioritisation is critical to a successful SharePoint deployment (a subject that we also covered in our recent webinar with Ant Clay). Simon delved into this subject to discuss how content should be assessed and displayed within a SharePoint environment in order to engage and encourage participation.

Simon’s presentation was followed by an insightful overview of performance issues around SharePoint and the Cloud by AP’s own Mick McGuinness. A leading performance specialist, Mick explained to delegates how our Six Steps to Faster SharePoint will resolve the vast majority of issues with the application and gave a helpful overview of synthetic versus Real User Monitoring.

It was a great presentation by both Simon and Mick and if you missed it, we’re pleased to confirm that the video is now available on YouTube here. You can also view or download the slides on Slideshare here.