Video - How OverOps can be used to add a Code-Quality Gate to your Jenkins CI Pipeline.

Posted by Mick McGuinness on 05 August 2019


In this short demo we look at how OverOps can be used as a code-quality gate for your Jenkins CI pipeline. 

In our earlier blog, we looked at an overview of adding both code-quality and performance gates to a Jenkins CI pipeline. Here we walk through a live example of a Jenkins build job which has been marked as an 'unstable' build because of a code quality issue detected by OverOps. We then view the OverOps quality report straight inside of Jenkins without having to switch screens. We can see that although the total volume of errors is less than the threshold we set, we have had an ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException which we've chosen to classify as a critical problem and therefore we can have it mark the build as unstable and stop it progressing to production.

Clicking from the quality report inside Jenkins takes us into the OverOps portal where we can see the source code and the variable states throughout the whole call stack where that exception occurred. It shows us the exact line where the exception is thrown, and where it was caught, even for swallowed exceptions that didn't make it to the log file.

Having understood the root cause of the problem, we can now fix the code and commit the change to trigger a new Jenkins build which will hopefully pass this time round.

If you'd like to learn more about OverOps we'd love to show you a longer demo or help you get started with a free trial so please get in touch.

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