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Russell Luke I'm one of the co-founders of Application Performance Ltd.

Introducing DBTao: the new way to unlock your hidden ORACLE performance

Introducing DBTao: the new way to unlock your hidden ORACLE performance

Ever wanted a quick way to optimise your Oracle database, without spending days trawling through Explain Plans and schema stats?

We all know that slow or unresponsive applications can often be caused by poor database response times, but tuning the database, schema and SQL can be complex and time consuming. The good news is, DBTao/nhas been designed to make it very easy to unlock hidden capacity and better performance for your Oracle databases.

DBTao have started with Oracle but other databases will be available in the future. Why not let us know which you would like first?

Unlike traditional SQL tuning tools, DBTao focuses on helping the in-built capabilities of Oracle to do a better job and work more effectively. It starts by connecting to your database, analysing all of the SQL statements that have run and works out which database tables would benefit the most from new indexes, index changes and even materialised views. You then just have to choose which of the DBTao recommendations you would like to implement and that’s it - faster Oracle databases, more performant applications and happier users!

DBTao really does do all the heavy lifting for you, making it easier than ever before to get the most out of your existing investment in Oracle, all without you having to make code changes. What could be simpler and easier than that?

If you would like to try DBTao for yourself, you can even evaluate how it can help you without having to install the software on your environment. You just need to provide us with ASH or Statspack (level 6) data for your target database and DBTao will do the rest, coming up with recommendations based on your data.

However, to get the full power of DBTao it is best to install it in your environment so that it can continually monitor the performance of the queries in your target databases and modify its recommendations automatically over time as you deploy new releases, make other changes or experience changes in user behaviour.

If you would like to see the benefits DBTao can unlock for you please just contact us and we can get cracking.