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What is RUM, and how does it differ to Synthetics?

Posted by Ben Cripps

When you start researching and looking into web performance and monitoring, you are bound to come across several words and acronyms; EUM (End User Monitoring), Synthetic Monitoring, RUM (Real User Monitoring). In this blog, we provide...

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12 March 2019

Want a fast web site? Then you need to know what you are doing!

Posted by Ben Cripps

During my developer career, I have come across developers and teams who do not know or appreciate the importance of web performance, and quite often it can be treated as an afterthought. And yes, at some point I was one of those...

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04 March 2019

Reflections on the UK OUG - Midlands Tech Summit.

Posted by Andy Moors

Thanks to all who came to see us at the UK Oracle User Group Midlands Tech Summit in Northampton yesterday where AP were both an exhibitor and speaker.

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01 March 2019