Mick McGuinness
Mick McGuinness AP co-founder & DBmarlin Product Manager

AppDynamics 4.4 New Features

AppDynamics 4.4 New Features

AppDynamics Winter ‘17 product release, also known as version 4.4 of their App iQ Platform, was launched recently. Many SaaS customers will have already been upgraded to this latest version, so we thought now would be a good time to recap on the new features and enhancements that were added.

Here are some of the highlights in the 4.4 release:

  • Integrated Network Visibility
    Network Visibility extends the application intelligence of AppDynamics APM to allow you to gain insight into network performance between your nodes and tiers so you can determine if network problems are at the root of, or contribute to, the performance of your applications. Network Visibility provides the correlation between the Application and Network metrics which simplifies the process of identifying and troubleshooting application performance problems where there is a network contribution.

  • Business Outcomes
    Many industries have complex processes, workflows and user journeys that span multiple transactions and other event types such as logs and EUM data. These workflows typically take a long time to manifest and cannot be measured using transactions alone. Business iQ Business Outcomes are a way to use AppDynamics Analytics to monitor and correlate the data flow across multiple event sources and track the total end-to-end time for defined business processes.

  • Experience Level Management (XLM)
    With AppDynamics Business iQ Analytics you can use Experience Level Management to configure, manage, and report on experiences that matter to your business. It lets you create and segment experience levels for any dataset in AppDynamics Business iQ Analytics such as business transaction response times or custom analytics data such as login response time.

  • Synthetic Private Agent
    You can now bring the power of Browser Synthetic Monitoring to your internal network. By installing and running the Synthetic Private Agent on your own machines, you can monitor the availability and performance of internal websites and services that aren’t accessible from the public Internet.

  • Federated Cross Application Flow
    Federation allows you to unify your view of business transactions across the App iQ Platform accounts and even across Controllers. Federation between accounts allows users to navigate seamlessly between accounts and access various entities between the federated accounts.

  • Enterprise Scale (SaaS)
    The AppDynamics App iQ platform and Controller UI have been fine-tuned and enhanced to allow each Controller to handle three or four times more agents than previously, thereby reducing the number of Controllers required to monitor the environment and the total cost of ownership of your App iQ Platform installation.

  • Enterprise Console
    Replaces  Platform Admin  from v4.3 as the new way to install/upgrade and manage the App iQ platform. This is particularly useful for managing large App iQ Platform environments.

  • IoT Monitoring
    AppDynamics App iQ Platform now enables you to monitor the performance and gain insight into the usage of sensors, smart devices, gateways, and IoT applications. The IoT SDKs and REST API make it easy to report IoT application data, and the IoT Dashboards make it easy to view and track device transactions in predefined and custom widgets.

  • Simple Search
    You can now find a tier, node, application or business transaction by simply clicking the find button (magnifying glass) and entering the first few letters of the entity name. Once you have found the entity of interest, just select it from the list of matching items in the search box to open the flow map for that entity.

Some of these features are included for existing customers and some are additional modules which need new licenses. Talk to us if you are interested in exploring any of these features in more detail. Or if you are not yet an AppDynamics customer, talk to us or start a free trial now.