RyanAir is "always getting better" with Turbonomic

Posted by Mick McGuinness on 24 May 2017


RyanAir operate more than 1800 flights per day carrying over 116 million passengers every year. They have a team of more than 10,000 highly skilled aviation professionals delivering Europe's number 1 on-time service with a 31-year safety record which is the best in the business.


In 2014 RyanAir had 4 VMWare hosts running 80 VMs which was expected to grow to 120 VMs. However having launched its "always getting better" program to enable agile website changes, fast growth and flexible customer offers, their VMWare estate reached 180 VMs and was still growing. They had no way to manage the performance of their mission critical applications in this rapidly growing virtual environment using their existing tools. 


Turbonomic was put in place to intelligently sense the changes to application demand and adjust the infrastructure supply in real-time to ensure service delivery and improve the utilisation of their virtualised infrastructure.


RyanAir use Turbonomic to intelligenty manage the VMs running their website. They now spend less time troubleshooting and can accurately forecast their infrastructure needs.

 Download RyanAir Case Study


" We’re really lucky - we have no complaints about performance from developers or end-users...Turbonomic has given us peace of mind… "

Paul Walsh Senior Systems Engineer Ryanair


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