Should you be looking for an alternative to New Relic?

Posted by Mick McGuinness on 10 October 2017

If you are running the free version of New Relic Server monitoring you will have received an email notifying you that as of November 14th, 2017 New Relic Servers and their legacy alerting features will no longer be available to accounts without an active subscription to at least one New Relic product. 

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This means you now have to pay money to use the replacement services which are New Relic Infrastructure and New Relic Alerts.

Given the need to move from a free product to a paid one, it is also worth considering whether it is the best product for your requirements or whether there are other products available which might be a better fit for your environment or budget.

Talk to AP, the APM Experts, and we can advise on the right choice for you.

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